Cost & Financing

Every Virginia homeowner will need a permanent mortgage unless they are prepared to pay cash for their home. We do not offer in-house financing, but we have relationships with several Richmond lenders who can help you with this part of the process.

The main question customers seem to want answered is “How much is my home going to cost?”  If you click on the “cost to build your home” page in this section of our website, you will see some information to help you understand potential costs. However, to really give you specific information that pertains to your situation, preferences, etc… we will need to meet with you and collect some additional information. Go to the “Contact Us” page if you would like to set that up.

As you probably expect, there are a few different ways to finance the construction of your new home. To learn more about those, you can click on the “How to finance construction” page in this section of our website. Of course, we can give additional guidance as well if you would like to reach out to us to have a more thorough explanation of your options.

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